Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Psalms 71:14

As y'all know, some of my favorite colors are turquoise, light blue, and white...but I absolutely LOVE gold. Especially when paired together! This week I painted a canvas for my friend Allyson, and I got to use all of those colors together!
Hope y'all like it!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rez Week at UT!

So today I was walking out of Gregory gym and noticed these huge white wooden boards all set up around a tent. I'll admit, I have seen some pretty strange things at UT, so this is kinda the norm. For some reason today I actually went up to the boards and read what they said. After realizing it was a display for Rez Week,  I got really excited and looked at every single board! Some had paintings on them, but the on the other side they were blank. The coolest part was that someone had left prismas for anyone to use, and people had started writing notes to God or scriptures on the blank I couldn't resist and this is how I left my mark:
If you want to read more, go to this site! 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wreck 'em, Tech!

My first Texas Tech delivery was this week! When Ana, one of my friends from high school, told me her roommate Anna was interested in buying a canvas from me I was soo excited. She wanted a Texas Tech double T for her place next year, and since I am the daughter of a Red Raider (and a very proud one I add) I knew I had to do this one perfectly! In my last post I had a picture of the canvas in action, but now I have one of the final product!
Anna sent it to me yesterday! You can't see the sides, but I wrote stuff like "Get your guns up!", "Wreck 'em, Tech",  and "Red Raiders" on the sides. Thank you Anna for sending me the picture! I love posting pictures of people with their canvases!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break = LOVE

I cannot stress to you how amazing my Spring Break was! The week before I had 4 midterms/exams in just TWO days, and I was over my head in notes, printed google docs, study guides, and notecards. I think I was one more soy chai latte from calling it quits, but during my study breaks I painted to help me relax...take a look at what I did!

Not the final product, but I made a Texas Tech double T for  Anna! My dad was so proud.


Thursday, March 1, 2012


Because I just reached 4,000 views, I thought I would share some pictures from this month. You guys probably get tired of just seeing canvases on here. I'm trying to post more about the stories behind each one, so that's something neat y'all (and I) can look forward to. If you have something I made for you, feel free to send me a picture of how it looks in your room, kitchen, wall, or home! I'll post it on here with a little shout out. Happy March!
Heart of Texas canvas I made for Micayla! I'll post a full view soon!
Towne Lake. Seriously the most beautiful place in the city.
And this taken on an iPhone...imagine how it really looks! 
Happy Birthday to US!!! Micah, me, and Tripp!
Dad's weekend!
Kaya! My little sista came to visit! She is the sweetest.

My old team came to visit this past week. My coach use to play football here, so we got to have a tour of the facilities and the stadium! We even got to go on the field!