Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Business Cards!

My brother is AWESOME, and he got me business cards for Christmas! I got to help out a little with the designs, but they were made by Unleaded Communications in Houston. I am absolutely obsessed with them, and I gave my first one out yesterday to my roommate Payton! It feels so cool having them; it makes me feel excited about the possibilities ahead. Wanna take a look at their masterpiece? Here it is!

by unleaded communications
Speaking of things ahead, I am donating some canvases to a philanthropy event at Grand Valley State University. It's a fundraiser for the Gilda's Club in Grand Rapids, MI! A Phi Sigma Sigma member named Rosemary sent me the SWEETEST message, and I can't wait to send some canvases her way to support the event! Grand Valley State has 8 sororities, so I am going to try to make one for each! They are:
Phi Sigma Sigma

Sigma Kappa

Alpha Omnicron Pi
Alpha Sigma Alpha

Alpha Sigma Tau
Delta Zeta
Gamma Phi Beta
Phi Mu

Look back soon for more pictures, but I have a lot to catch y'all up on!


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Proverbs 4:23

Hi out there to all of my readers! It's almost 7 am here, but no sunrise, yet! I guess it's safe to say that school has officially started. Though it seems like no one is really ready for it, it's here! I was asked to make this canvas for someone from Houston, and I absolutely love the verse she picked out. I know I pretty much love everything people ask me to do, but I love this one times three! I'll let you take a look at my canvas interpretation of the Bible verse Proverbs 4:23!

Though I had heard this verse many times before, I had never really gone in depth about it. I don't think I every really studied it, neither with a group nor on my own time. Because I liked it so much, I wanted to look up a few things about it. I found an article that says the "3 Reasons Why You Should Guard Your Heart" by Michael Hyatt. It was really good! If you want to take a look at it, here is the link:

It's a good read! Anyway- I seriously do LOVE this canvas, too. I told Nia that I want to keep both of the ones I made her! Can't wait for her to get them!

Ps. Thank you so much to everyone for the sweet emails! It is SO nice to hear from you all! I cannot stress enough how much it means to me! Y'all are great! xoxo

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Gig 'em

Last week I delivered my first A&M cooler! I also got to send an A&M themed canvas to Amanda for a gift! There was a whole lot of maroon going on around here. It was really fun to decorate those two items! Let's take a look at what I created this time:

Hope y'all like them!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Houston Texans!

Okay, so for some reason my iPhoto won't recognize my iPhone, so when I try to plug it in..nothing happens. Hence, importing photos has been a tad difficult. I decided today I would just upload them to Facebook, drag them into my iPhoto library, and go from there. Now...let's talk TEXANS!

Tomorrow is the first round of the playoffs for the Texans, and I really wish I was going to the game! In the spirit of the game, I am going to post the Texans cooler I painted for a friend's Christmas present. All of my friends and I are SO pumped for the game.  My favorite player is Brian Cushing, and Erika's is JJ Watt! Okay, so I definitely have more than one favorite player, but I doubt y'all want to hear me name the whole team.

Ps. SIDENOTE: I got like 4 new orders today!!!!! This is how I feel right now:

So FINALLY here is my favorite cooler that I have done so far!

Houston Texans Cooler!

scene I based my painting off of! 
My brother went to the playoff game last year (our first in franchise history) and took video footage on his GoPro camera. It was NUTS. The stadium was packed, and everyone was going crazyyy!! I don't know if any other stadium is as loud as Reliant is. The Texans have the best fans! So jealous of anyone going tomorrow, but I'll definitely be watching at home!
painting based off of last years home playoff game

bulls on parade, baby
Bulls on parade was a must for this cooler! Their favorite players are JJ Watt and Brian Cushing!! What a coincidence...!

this is the family I made the cooler for!
I threw in some Texas bluebonnets for a simpler affect! She LOVED them! Thank you Nicole!

I also painted wine glasses for them!
 I hope y'all like the cooler! I definitely wanted to keep it! That's all for now, but hopefully I can figure out what is going on with my phone so I can post more of my paintings! Xoxo