Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Just a note

Hey everyone! So today I wanted to note on one thing specifically. Please do not send requests for me to paint works like prints or canvases on Pinterest or Etsy done by other artists. It is unfair to them, and it puts me in a very awkward position. Though I do love the pictures people have previously sent, they should be created by the original artist! It can be very discouraging to have your work copied, so instead of asking me to do it, I would love to support their creations by telling you this: If you see something you like on Pinterest that you just have to have, follow the link to the blog or site it comes from and talk to the artist there. It's the right thing to do! You can send me pictures as an example of a verse or color scheme, but I do not want to copy someone else's work. Thank you!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Theta LOVE!

This post is specifically dedicated to one of my roomies: MEGAN!
birthday girl!

Today is her birthday, and I am SO sad I am not with her! She is a Theta with me, and I bought her lots of Theta goodies from my favorite greek store Melissa's Custom Gifts on the Drag. It's such a cute place!! I also decided to paint this canvas for our apartment:

a funky paisley theta canvas for my apartment
All of the apartment is back home for Thanksgiving, and she is on her way back to her native homeland in Alaska. Okay, Minnesota. We joke that she should just say she is from Canada because no one here actually knows where Minnesota is whenever she tells them that's where she is from. Anyway! We kicked off her birthday weekend with SAE jungle! Then on Saturday I got her some Austin Cake Balls -pumpkin flavored was a must for Megan- from A Christmas Affair. Then Saturday David came up to ATX (YAY!) and we all hung out together! Have an awesome birthday Megan!!

Ps. I made her a few presents for birthday weekend! One was a baby blue monogrammed canvas.
megan's baby blue monogrammed canvas
Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Keep Calm and Diamond On

As Thanksgiving break approaches I am really getting excited about some of the things I have in store! I am going to be painting some coolers for the lovely ladies my mom works with and a friend from high school! So far I think I have an A&M themed cooler, a Saints one, a Texans one, and a family themed one! I can't wait to get started on those!! They are SO much fun to do. I am also going to be painting a few canvases! This is one I did a few weeks ago, but I can't remember if I posted it or not! I love all of the Keep Calm signs. This one is for Alpha Delta Pi!

More posts soon. Homeward bound tomorrow! Can't wait to be with the fam. 
Have a great Thanksgiving everyone, and look out for some exciting posts soon!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Paddles and my awesome fam!

I am so behind on posting these!! We did our paddle reveal a few weeks back, and I am just now getting these bad boys on here. Our initiation was pretty early this year, so we did our paddles for our littles after initiation! 
grace's paddle!
gotta have some glitter
paisley, lilly roses, chevron, polo font
These were the Theta paddles I did!

grace janie me...and one of the guys from KISS
 My little Grace is AWESOME! and my big Janie is the best. Okay I may be biased, but it's true! This past weekend was Fiji 80s, and we all ran into each other so naturally we had to take a picture! I don't think my face can actually handle a smile that big. So much happiness!
my big!
just the cutest!
 I also got to paint a paddle at Melissa's (the store I have an internship with) and I am so happy I got the opportunity to do so! The order was for a Texas Alpha Xi Delta, and she had drawn out exactly what she wanted. I always find it interesting to see what other sororities do for their paddles! Some are heavy with tradition while others are more crafty. I love it!! Here's the one I painted for work:

I am SO excited about the next paddle I am doing for a camp friend! Her name is Tatum, and she is an Alpha Xi Delta at Texas State!! I'm doing the Lilly pattern, so get ready, y'all!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Be strong and courageous

Hey everyone! I hope your week went smoothly. Mine is definitely a lot better now that I finished all of my tests and projects.  Even though it was pretty rough, I had some pretty neat things happened! After my sport management test on Monday my professor told me after reading my resume (we had to turn in our resumes for an assignment), she was so intrigued with my blog that she looked it up! We talked a little about the possibilities I have with my bkrafty business! It was so so awesome. She was so encouraging. It honestly made my day! Thank you, Dr. Sparvero! It really reminded me to keep my head up and embrace the possibilities I have with my business in the future.
deuteronomy 31:6 canvas
This canvas in particular has a great message! This verse is a great reminder that God will be with you in every one of your battles. I painted it for my friend Rona, who is a new Theta this year! Thank you so much!
Have a great weekend y'all!