Monday, April 22, 2013

Gifts for big/little!

I make these a while ago, but didn't have the chance to post 'em! These two canvases were made for big/little gifts! I thought it was such a sweet idea, and since this week is BIG appreciation week for my chapter, I thought it would be perfect to post them today. 
piphi collage


glitter chevron

one of my all time favorites; delta zeta lilly with 1 corinthians 13

more chevron!


  1. These are amazing! What lettering technique did you use for the first and third one?

  2. Hi Iris! I did a combo of paint and paint pens; I outlined my letters in paint pen then went over them in paint! But on the first one that's mostly paint pen though. I love the Sharpie brand! Make sure to get the oil based paint pens if you decide to go get some! Let me know how they work for you :)

  3. Thanks so much!! I actually just bought paint pens so this is perfect :)