Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Woke up this mornin'..with Texas on my mind.
Ehh, okay maybe it's not morning, but Texas is definitely on my mind. Yikes! Looks like finals week is already here - or will be here in a matter of days. Here's to late nights with endless cups of coffee and those b-e-a-utiful dark circles that magically appear under everyones eyes. It's a great look.  You know what I have to say to that? Bring. it. on.

OH! DUH! I just made this. Study breaks rock!

Frames frames frames!

Here are some of the designs I've been working on lately for Christmas presents.. check out the new look of my blog while you're at it! What other pages should I add?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Giving Thanks

This was my biggest project of the break..and my favorite. It's an 8 by 12 frame with the words faith, hope, and love written in red hearts. The hearts are set on a white glitter background that sparkles in the light! This one will be around $20.00 because it is bigger and has more pieces involved than some of my other items. Eeek yay for a weekend with no worries about finals...I guess that'll be here in like a week. Thanks for the feedback guys, keep it coming!

Love, Bethany

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Love & Matthew 6:21

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." -Matthew 6:21

I stumbled upon that verse the other day while I was painting a canvas for a girl in my Young Life small group, and now it's added to my list of favorites! Really though, how true is that..I've heard the saying whatever you find yourself doing or day dreaming about when you're actually supposed to be doing work is what you truly should be doing. (Eeek..I guess day dreaming about the chocolate chip cookies I saw on Pinterest the other day doesn't really fall into that..oops.) Ha! That's how I feel about my art though. No matter how small my project is, it makes me incredibly happy. I think that's a sign, don't you? Anyway, my Bible Study leader just got married last weekend, so we had an awesome time talking to her about the wedding and everything! She also talking to us about the idea of following your heart in your job or work because she has been thinking about doing photography, but it would be a challenge to start fresh. We just need to wait and listen to God, and he will guide us to our path. She and Branden are probably one of the cutest, most perfect couples, and they both love the Lord so much. We were all dying of jealously from the stories, but it was so fun to hear about her first dance, the Oreo wedding cake, and how happy she and Branden are. She's just the cutest person on the planet, and her husband is incredible. Actually, they are kind of famous - well, on YouTube anyway!! I'll post their proposal video on here. It'll make you cry because it is so God honoring and heartfelt. 

Ps. Here's what I made for Madison this week! She really liked them, and I hope you do, too!

Love Y'all! -Bethany

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Trips to the ER, spinal taps, & friends who stay there with you 'till 3 am

WOW, what a few days it's been!

 I meant to blog earlier, but I had a big quiz on Tuesday, so I studied all day and night. Then, Wednesday I woke up with a splitting headache. It wouldn't go away-even after countless hours of napping. Worst. Migraine. EVER. Later that night it only got worse, so with a fever, a headache that felt like a softball bat was beating against my forehead, and a few other symptoms...4 of my Theta sisters, Megan, Lacey, Elva, and Anne all drove me to the ER. Once we got there, the doctor told me he thought I had meningitis, but he would need to preform a spinal tap to make sure. I really couldn't have asked for a better doctor, though. He was great! After a long night of IVs, spinal taps, weird sleeping patterns, and an insane headache, they diagnosed me with viral meningitis. I definitely don't think I could have made it through the night if it wasn't for my friends. They were all dressed and ready to go downtown when I told them how bad I was feeling and didn't hesitate to take me to the ER. I'm so thankful for them. We were there for about 6 hours (we left at 3 am), but it felt like days. It was one of the scariest experiences of my life-especially without my parents or my brother with me! My mom and grandma were ready to come to ATX at 2 am, but I told them to hold off until the morning. When I woke up this morning, they were about 20 minutes away, and once they got there I felt loads better. Alas, I'm home now blogging from my couch. Thank goodness it's Harry Potter weekend on ABC family or I wouldn't know what to do with myself. I'm thinking this is going to be a huge weekend for brainstorming, so watch out readers...amazing creations to come! I solemnly swear. Thanks for your support and prayers everybody! Love love love.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Phil. 4:13

Craft themes to come:
FRIENDSHIP (It's really everything. Isn't it?)
Magic (I guess you could say HP is inspiring me..)
and LOVE.

Thank you for your prayers and love!

Monday, November 7, 2011

All things TEXAS

I guess it's official..I'm obsessed with TEXAS! I've only been at UT for about 3 months, and I already bleed orange. Everywhere I go there are accents of burnt orange, so for this post I wanted to do a Texas theme! Mixed in below are some of my creations and some of the things that inspire me. I also wanted to throw in some Theta stuff, too.

Kappa Alpha Theta Pledge Class 2011!

Texas Longhorns!

Thanks y'all! -Bethany

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Hey y'all! I'm officially in the blogging world...took me long enough. College may be kicking my rear, but in my spare time, I have finally started my crafting business. My initials are BK, so I thought I would be "punny" and call it "b.krafty".  I think people have been asking me to make them signs, help them with projects or gifts, and paint them pictures since I was about 11 years old, so I'm really excited about this! 

Austin is the best possible place for creative inspiration. I couldn't have asked for a better fit. I mean...granted, it is a very "weird" place, but that's what I love about it. Everything is so original and COLORFUL! I'm in love. 

^For my YL small group leader's wedding! (I'm not completely finished, but she's awesome so it's going to be good!)
Anyway! I posted a few of my pieces that I've made so far.  Mostly everything I make is under $10 to purchase from me, so shoot me an email at if you want to contact me. I absolutely loove them, but I want to hear your feedback! Thanks to anyone who is reading this...y'all are too great. 

Phil. 3:14 "I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus."