Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Eyes of Texas are upon yOU..

So last week was simply WILD. We initially had our big/little paddles due for Theta on Thursday, so everyone was stressing about getting them done and making them look perfect! Luckily our new member director changed the due date for that to this Thursday!! (I'll upload my paddle I made for Grace as soon as the sees it!) The big thing for underclassmen do for Texas/OU weekend -especially freshmen- is cooler painting. I think I might have slept for 8 hours total last week slaving over these babies, but here is what all that hard work amounted to!


 The OU game is our biggest event of the football season, and the boys ask dates to go with them. It's really a fun experience because you have the game AND the state fair! Since we didn't exactly do too well in the game, most of us went to the fair. It was AWESOME! Everything was packed, and I ran into literally so many people that there was no way it couldn't be fun.

 ^ My honorary little sisters Chloe and Paige! They are the sweetest girls I know. We went on some rides together at the fair!
 ^One of my favorite people in Theta!! I'm going to miss her next year!!

Hook 'em.

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