Sunday, January 29, 2012

New look, new pages, new ideas!

Happy Sunday, everybody! So I was thinking this morning when I woke up that I should start making more paintings with quotes that I like and show y'all by posting them on here and even make a page for all the ones I make that don't have a home..haha. My roomie Morgan and I are going to the craft store tonight, so be on the lookout for some really cute things coming soon! We have some crayon art, ADPi sorority decor, and some fancy initials! It's going to be chaos when we walk into that place!

Also, I just added the comment box on the left side of the page. That way you can message me directly off of my blog! Don't be shy, I love getting emails and comments!

Ps. Check out the new "College" and "Quotes" pages at the top of the screen. I put up a few ideas for University of Texas on the college page, but if you want your school on there, let me know. Hook 'em!

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