Monday, May 14, 2012

Goodbye school, hello SUMMER

It feels so great to be home. I have barely been here 3 days and I have already been working on/finished around 7 canvases! Most of them are graduation gifts! For the time being, I'll show y'all what's been going on! OH, I almost forgot...IT'S SUMMER!!!!!!!!! :)

My mom and I stopped at Hopdoddy for lunch. It was the most delicious burger of my life, AND they make their own gluten free buns...I was in heaven. That's the best gluten free bread I have tasted yet! Oh right- mom wanted to see the Kendra Scott store, so we went! I got her some white Elle earrings, and she bought me a turquoise pair as a congratulations on finishing the school year!
 REUNITED! We were so so so excited to watch SVU that we decided to rock the bun. I love these two so stinkin' much!

Here's a verse I did for Allyson, the sweet lady who is always the the front desk of Hardin. She has been so helpful all school year- through meningitis, gluten and lactose allergies, and supporting my little business. She always wants to see my stuff when I make new things! It makes me so happy. 

This is a set of 3 12x12 canvases I did for my friend Emily. My room looked like Ke$ha stormed through it afterwards, but I was really happy with the way they turned out. To be honest, they look way better in person because it's hard to see the glitter on each individual canvas in the picture. Natural lighting makes them look great! Thanks so much Emily! I was more than happy to use these as a study break for finals.


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