Monday, August 13, 2012

Fightin' Aggies

This week I had a few orders from friends at Texas A&M! I was inspired by a black and white canvas I saw on Pinterest with a bunch of cute things about A&M written on it. My friend Sarah is moving into her new apartment and has a color scheme of turquoise and coral (which I LOVE), and so she told me to do anything I wanted as long as I used those colors in them. So I just went with it! The picture above has all three of Sarah's pieces, but it also has one I made for myself! My roommate Payton liked the one I made for Sarah so much that I decided to make an Austin/UT version for our apartment. It turned out great!

I Instagrammed the first canvas for Sarah and one of my old camp friends Emily said she would love on in maroon, so this is what I made for her:

My mom was a big fan of this one, seeing whereas she is an Aggie herself. Emily is so awesome, and I was insanely excited when she asked me to make her one! I'm really happy that she likes it! I'm on an A&M streak right now. I even have some beautiful cowboy boots for Dani coming up in a minute. 

Here's a close up of Sarah's canvas!

Thanks and HOOK EM...sorry, I had to.

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