Monday, March 11, 2013

Tulane Theta

Hey y'all! So this canvas was the first order I have gotten from a Theta that isn't from Texas! It's for my friend Emma, and she is a Theta at Tulane. I actually went to high school with her, so I was so happy to get to paint this canvas for her (it was a gift for her little!!) We brainstormed a little bit with different ideas because she said she'd already done something with the Lilly Theta print for one gift, but she still wanted to incorporate Theta into this canvas!

**Okay COOLEST thing ever. Emma literally just texted me telling me thank you and that Sue-Claire loved the canvas! That is so awesome and crazy that I just so happened to be blogging about it right this minute.
kappa alpha theta chevron canvas for Emma and Sue-Claire 
So to put a little bit of Tulane and Theta into the canvas, I painted the canvas Tulane colors! My favorite part was the chevron. You can't tell in one of the pictures, but the chevron also SPARKLES. My favorite. Definitely. It was gorgeous when the light hit it! I wrote Kappa Alpha Theta underneath her little's name to incorporate Theta, too. XOXO TLAM

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