Wednesday, April 24, 2013

You ain't met my Texas yet

Happy Wednesday, y'all! After a pretty hectic week of school filled with tests, projects, work, a cooler and canvases, I thought I would finally post these canvases. After I did the first "Texas Forever" canvas for Kelli, I got emails asking if I could do more. The answer is YES. I love the Texas flag, and I would love to paint more of them! In fact, here is another one that I did this past week!

If you're wanting a more personal design, I did this canvas for Jenna! She wanted to give her grand big a cute graduation gift, and she messaged me about a custom canvas design. I have actually done a few before for graduation gifts, so I have been hoping to do more again this year.

Last but not least, I have this canvas that was also ordered as a gift from Katie! I am always excited about painting UT themed canvases. I also painted one for two roomies: Brianna and Erin. Their canvas includes both of their names, but it has the same design as the one below. I'll post that one soon! I hope y'all love the way they turned out. Hook 'em!

Have a great week! More canvases and coolers to come soon :)

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