Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Creating Your Perfect Game Day Outfit

As you may have noticed in some of my Instagrams and paintings, I am a huge sports fan. In fact, my major at The University of Texas at Austin is actually Sport Management. So as you can imagine, I LOVE October.  With the MLB Postseason, professional football, AND college football in full swing, there is so much to do and having the right thing to wear makes it even more fun. After four years of burnt orange game days (a beautiful color, yet so hard to find at times) I've definitely had my fair share of practice figuring out my go-to game day ensemble. 

royalty starts at a young age

My mom and I have been watching all of the Kansas City Royals games this MLB Postseason because one of her best friends' husband was drafted by the Royals when she was in college, so this Postseason, I'm a Royals fan (sorry, Astros! I still love you I swear!) When I spotted this Kansas City Royals baseball cap online during one of the MLB Postseason games, I couldn’t resist adding it to my MLB game day ensemble. Attention ladies, this is a style staple every baseball fan (girl or guy) needs: a baseball cap from Fanatics. If you don't have one, head over to their website and do a little midweek retail therapy. I highly recommend it! You can typically find me rocking my Fanatic's Houston Astros Hat on my way to class or honestly any day of the week.

Shop the Fanatics website and buy your favorite team's baseball hat here!

My Game Day Ensemble: 

Kansas City Royals Game Day Outfit

The Hat: So as I was saying, one of my latest and greatest finds is the new trend of baseball hats mixed into fall style. As I said before, I wear my hats all the time, so I guess I'm a trend setter now. I love the sea of cobalt blue in the crowd at all of the Royals playoff games, so I chose this  Kansas City Royals '47 Brand Franchise Fitted Hat – Blue for my take on a Royals game day look. Sidenote: I also L O V E D the vintage looking cap, too. Something to consider when you're choosing your hat is if planning on wearing your hair up, be sure to look into an adjustable cap rather than a fitted one. That way you can style your perfect pony or braid (my go-to hairstyle) to work with it!

 Here's a look at two different fits to show you the difference: 


You can get your hat for your favorite team here: http://www.fanatics.com/MLB_Hats

The Outfit + Accessories: Most would probably go for a jeans, flowy top, and riding boots combo in fall, but here in Austin, Texas, blue jean weather doesn't really come until Thanksgiving (if even!) While I do love a good pair of jeans, I'm a dress and boots gal at heart, so I picked this MANGO Skater Dress for my game day look. I chose this dress because of its versatility; it can be dressed up with a pair of white Kendra Scott "Danielle" earrings, a beaded Blue Mix Chan Luu leather wrap bracelet, and TOMS Chestnut Suede Desert Wedge Booties or more casually with a denim jacket - there's that Texas girl style peeking through.  (Spoiler alert: this dress is also backless, so you can ditch the jacket if you're wanting a flirty look. #flawless) Rumor has it that it's a little colder up in KC than it is in ATX, so I added a textured chevron scarf from Echo for warmth on those crisp October nights.  Last but definitely not least is the bag; you have to put the money you bring for hotdogs somewhere! I'm a big fan of the Tory Burch Marion Shrunken Shoulder Bag, and I especially love that rich caramel colored leather.  It's beautiful and the perfect size for going out - whether you're headed to the big game or to a watching party with your friends. Add all of these together and don't forget to add your perfect new fall-inspired closet staple to complete your royal game day ensemble, the baseball cap. Go Royals!

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  1. Wow BK!! Great ideas and fashionable! YOU REALLY KNOW HOW TO PUT IT TOGETHER!!