Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!

Hello wonderful readers! Yesterday I celebrated my birthday back home with my family and my wonderful friend Erika (her name is probably in every other post by now!) A bunch of her friends at SHSU ordered canvas from me, and this is us in mid delivery process)

I absolutely LOVE her. It was the best present to see her on my birthday!

 It was such an awesome weekend with so many great things happening. First off, on Friday night, the sweetest girl Emily Puig texted me and told me she got into UT! Then about 15 minutes later, I ran into her! It was definitely a God thing. I was so happy to see her, and we got a picture to savor the's not the best quality, but oh well!

Then my family went a beautiful wedding for Andrew and Bridie Chaudior! I snapped a few pictures throughout the night and wanted to share them with you!

Sunday was my birthday, and it was a very busy day! I had breakfast/brunch with Erika, my mom, and my grandma (aka Mamaw) at La Madeline...which was absolutely delicious. I flew back to ATX later that afternoon and had a birthday dinner with some friends!
Look at that beautiful longhorn!

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