Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jacque & Mike's Story

One day earlier this month I received an e-mail from Jacque for a very special order of canvases. The thing I love most about doing this is that when people ask me to make a canvas for them, they share a little story with me about who or what it's for. Jacque's story she sent to me was so beautiful that I asked her if I could share it with you. I know it will touch your heart! 

In March of last year, she and her husband Mike went through a very devastating time in their lives when they had a miscarriage. They just prayed for God's guidance and that He would lead them in the direction they were to go. How amazing is that?! This story really hit home with me because I remember when my aunt and uncle were trying to have another child, and they decided to adopt. It was a very long, exhausting process, and it's definitely not easy. They adopted Lacy from St. Petersburg, Russia, and she has been such a blessing to our family. I know Jacque and Mike deserve a blessing just like that! God listened to their prayers and this is what happened. 
 In the summer of 2011, they were presented with an opportunity to go on a missions trip to Uganda, Africa to work with the orphans in Iganga. It was there that we met and fell in love with Phiona. Her story is tragically beautiful in that she was almost aborted before she was born. The "house mom" at the orphanage talked Phiona's biological parents out of aborting but they only accepted on the condition that the house mom take Phiona once she was born. So, the day she was born, her biological parents gave her up. She lived with the house mom until she was 4 and has been living at the orphanage ever since. She is absolutely beautiful and is so full of joy and love that it would bring anyone to tears. Jacque said that she and her husband really do believe that she is the answer to their prayers and the "direction" that God wants them to follow.

I made this for little Phiona! The canvas next to it is for Mike and Jacque. I told my Bible Study to pray for them and that they get to bring Phiona home soon! They are so wonderful!! Send your prayers their way <3 <3 <3

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