Sunday, April 29, 2012



I seriously cannot believe I have posted 50 times on my blog! Since the last few weeks have been really busy, I need to catch my readers up on everything. I've been so busy lately with orders that I have barely posted on here! So much has happened! 
  • I got an internship to be on a board at Melissa's Custom Gifts, a new greek store opening up on the drag in Austin. I have started a little work for my boss, but I haven't finalized it yet so I'll post pictures after I do. 
  • Finals are coming up, so after that I will have so much more time to do my canvases! SUMMER IS SO CLOSE. It's going to be awesome!! Expect lots of posts about: camp, Hawaii, the Frio, the Guadalupe, Galveston, Louisiana (that's right, Payton...ROAD TRIP), and of course ATX!!
  • I have a big order coming back for the wonderful Christina Williams of Christina Williams Designs.  All of the pieces are Houston bound today! She is so SO sweet, and I love doing work for her!! 
  • SPOILER ALERT: Lots of graduation gifts to come! 
Here's some things I have been up to:

That one time where 184 people repinned my this real life?

The blue and gold canvas is for my grandmother's best friend Jane. She has breast cancer and is such a wonderful, sweet friend to our family! We are all praying for her!! The Dr. Seuss is for Amy!
The pink one with the verse on it is actually my first A&M order!! Thanks AGS! The blue is for Hannah! 

I got to have lunch with Chloe today!! She is the sweetest thing. Love you!
Some of my work for my new internship! And then just some crafting projects with my roomie's part of our ATX bucket list!
Audrey Hepburn quote for Hannah!
Theta Mom's Weekend! Love you momma!

Texas vs A&M baseball game! Such a pretty day!

 THETA FORMAL! I love Janie! Best big ever.
 Future roomies!

Have a good week! Good luck on finals! 

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