Saturday, October 6, 2012


So this post may be a tad bit late, but last week we had BIG LITTLE REVEAL!!! My little is awesome, and her name is Grace! Her last name sounds like "salsa", so we were chips and salsa. I thought it was pretty creative. I painted her a canvas with her monogram on it, and this year since our initiation was so early, we are doing paddles later. I want hers to look really cute! I'm doing my roomie's paddle for her little, so when I'm done with them I'll post them on here. Also, I just got an order from a DZ at Iowa State for a Lilly themed one! So cool how people from different states have seen my blog. Oh the wonders of the internet!! Also..GET READY!!! I have been painting just a few coolers for Texas/OU, and as soon as I am done I will put them up. Oh yeah I almost forgot! It's gameday, y'all. Hook 'em, horns!

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