Monday, October 22, 2012


my wonderful parents at the theta block party!

This weekend was our parents' weekend for Theta, and we also had our Theta Block Party. My parents were on their way when I walked outside of the SAC to see a HUGE Livestrong event setting up in front of Gregory Gym. There were tons of people lined up, and once I knew what was going on I knew I had to do it. They were hosting a run around campus! I love the company, the cause, and Lance Armstrong-despite all of the talk lately I still think he is a very inspirational athlete. I bought my dad a Livestrong band when he was diagnosed with cancer my junior year, and he always wears it. This thing was so cool. There were people videoing, taking photos...In fact, one of the photographers was taking pictures for Nike; if that's not awesome, I don't know what is. They set up an Instagram booth where if you put the hashtag "#jointhefight" in your caption, it would print out a mini sticker copy of your picture!

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