Tuesday, December 18, 2012

From Texas with Love

Recently I got an email from a Melissa in California who requested a personalized Texas flag canvas! The best part? She lives in Cali! It was a present for her Dad! I thought it was so awesome that someone who is now in California still wanted to be connected to their Texas roots!

Then of course I have to post something about the TEXANS because they clinched the AFC South Division Title for the second year in a row!!! I made my mom go with me to get the t-shirts as soon as they hit stores. They already sold out on line. I really wish I could go to the game against Minnesota this Sunday, but my old high school's football is playing in the District 5A State Championship for the first time EVER in Dallas on Saturday night!!
santa came early to our house!

Like I mentioned above, my old high school is going to state!! When I heard Lamar won the playoff game, my mom and I went over to my friend Audrey's house (she's one of my close family friends and a varsity cheerleader!) and decorated their doorway with lots of goodies!! When I was at Lamar, I was her older brother's football buddy when I was a cheerleader! So we joked that now I'm just her cheer buddy. I'm so excited for her and for the team!! Love you Audrey!

Audrey and me!
in the spirit of this weekend's events I thought I would post a little throwback to senior year!

once a redskin, always a redskin! go lamar!
Lots of red white and blue this week, LOVE IT! Good luck at STATE, Lamar! Go Skins!

ps. I'll be posting some coolers soon! Get excited!

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