Friday, January 4, 2013

Houston Texans!

Okay, so for some reason my iPhoto won't recognize my iPhone, so when I try to plug it in..nothing happens. Hence, importing photos has been a tad difficult. I decided today I would just upload them to Facebook, drag them into my iPhoto library, and go from there. Now...let's talk TEXANS!

Tomorrow is the first round of the playoffs for the Texans, and I really wish I was going to the game! In the spirit of the game, I am going to post the Texans cooler I painted for a friend's Christmas present. All of my friends and I are SO pumped for the game.  My favorite player is Brian Cushing, and Erika's is JJ Watt! Okay, so I definitely have more than one favorite player, but I doubt y'all want to hear me name the whole team.

Ps. SIDENOTE: I got like 4 new orders today!!!!! This is how I feel right now:

So FINALLY here is my favorite cooler that I have done so far!

Houston Texans Cooler!

scene I based my painting off of! 
My brother went to the playoff game last year (our first in franchise history) and took video footage on his GoPro camera. It was NUTS. The stadium was packed, and everyone was going crazyyy!! I don't know if any other stadium is as loud as Reliant is. The Texans have the best fans! So jealous of anyone going tomorrow, but I'll definitely be watching at home!
painting based off of last years home playoff game

bulls on parade, baby
Bulls on parade was a must for this cooler! Their favorite players are JJ Watt and Brian Cushing!! What a coincidence...!

this is the family I made the cooler for!
I threw in some Texas bluebonnets for a simpler affect! She LOVED them! Thank you Nicole!

I also painted wine glasses for them!
 I hope y'all like the cooler! I definitely wanted to keep it! That's all for now, but hopefully I can figure out what is going on with my phone so I can post more of my paintings! Xoxo



  1. Seriously the Texans need to see these coolers!! You should send them to their fan pics email!

  2. Thank you! That's a good idea!