Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Business Cards!

My brother is AWESOME, and he got me business cards for Christmas! I got to help out a little with the designs, but they were made by Unleaded Communications in Houston. I am absolutely obsessed with them, and I gave my first one out yesterday to my roommate Payton! It feels so cool having them; it makes me feel excited about the possibilities ahead. Wanna take a look at their masterpiece? Here it is!

by unleaded communications
Speaking of things ahead, I am donating some canvases to a philanthropy event at Grand Valley State University. It's a fundraiser for the Gilda's Club in Grand Rapids, MI! A Phi Sigma Sigma member named Rosemary sent me the SWEETEST message, and I can't wait to send some canvases her way to support the event! Grand Valley State has 8 sororities, so I am going to try to make one for each! They are:
Phi Sigma Sigma

Sigma Kappa

Alpha Omnicron Pi
Alpha Sigma Alpha

Alpha Sigma Tau
Delta Zeta
Gamma Phi Beta
Phi Mu

Look back soon for more pictures, but I have a lot to catch y'all up on!


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