Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wedding Bells!

This past weekend I delivered my first order of wedding signs! One of my fellow staff members at Heart o the Hills camp for girls, Monique Richard, is getting hitched this October, and she reached out to me for decorations. 

custom made wedding signs for Monique and Nick

Monique and Nick's wedding colors were a beautiful combination of champagne burgundy and latte, and I accented these colors in each of the signs. Monique told me what she was looking for with the designs, but she also encouraged me to use my own creativity so that they were more original. I had an awesome time digging into this project. 

a colorful ensemble of the signs that will be nailed to a long post and used at the wedding

Because their wedding will be at camp, they wanted it to be on the shabby chic side. My grandpa and I worked together to cut the wood signs that I painted, and we had a blast doing it! I have never used a power saw, so I let Papaw be in charge of that one. Some of the signs will also be used for wedding photos, for example, the "Mr." and "Mrs." signs will be used in their wedding photos and also on their chairs at the reception.

hand-painted "Mr." and "Mrs." signs on wood

The "Thank" and "you" signs are going to be used for their thank you notes! How adorable is that? I just love the idea of using creative signs in photos, and I am really glad that I was given the opportunity to make some.
hand-painted "thank" and "you" signs on wood
Let's see more, shall we? The sign below will be put on an easel at the ceremony. This creation is very unique. The burlap really brings in the chabby chic look I was going for, and the cute little heats are actually clothespins. The great part about that is after the wedding, you can interchange whatever you would like displayed on the sign.  

Another sign that will be nailed to the long post is the one below. Burgundy will be used more in the reception that the ceremony, so for this sign I used more burgundy in the script. This is hand-painted and is on the wood that my grandpa and I cut together. He is so excited about the final product!

 The sign below is actually a bright, shimmering gold color. It looks fabulous in the light, and it is such a cute saying! Mo said I could use fun colors if I wanted, so I picked out something that would also work with her wedding colors. Because the gold is such a statement, I chose white for the lettering.

 The sign below is my FAVORITE! I have noticed that in weddings now a days people are really getting into social media. Monique and Nick chose the hashtag (for all you twitter and instagram people out there) #Richard2Rode for their wedding. I think it is a fabulous idea. Because I used gold in the last
sign, I brought hints of the shimmery gold into this sign as well.

Below is a sign for the photo booth. I used fun frames and cute tiny props such as the ever popular mustache in this sign. Photo booths are always a hit, so I hope the sign is as well!

Here are closer looks at the other wooden signs painted for Monique and Nick:

shoes optional hand painted wedding sign on wood

reception custom painted wedding sign on wood
Congratulations Monique and Nick! I cannot wait to see all of the photos from the wedding. I know they'll all be beautiful.

XO Bethany

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  1. We had great food at the reception; I personally ate the mushroom ravioli. Yum! We did a full service, 3 courses, sit down meal. The waiters also provided wine and drinks during dinner.