Saturday, August 10, 2013

Cabin Gifts

Some of you may have seen the canvases I painted last month, they were ordered as gifts for Shawnee War Canoe at Heart o the Hills Camp for Girls, the camp I have spent 10 summers of my life attending. I have posted about it a few times and cannot say enough good things! For Second Term, I had an order of cabin gifts come in from the cutest mom ever, and here they are:

A closer look at the details:

This little Minnie Mouse is one of the campers who is received a canvas from Bkrafty as a cabin gift! So cute!

The reason the colors on the canvas are green blue and red is because Heart o the Hills has two tribes, the Pawnees and the Shawnees. The Pawnees are blue, and the Shawnees are green! After you're a camper, you belong to the "Heart Tribe" and which is red. Here's an old picture from my last year at camp, it shows all the colors together in the chieftain outfits. This picture was actually some of my inspiration for the canvases:

Here are some of my favorite pictures from camp this summer! I could post more, but then I'd put all 300 photos in one post.

This one is with the Pawnee Chieftain from last summer, Sherilyn! One of my best best friends in the world, Christina, and I were here tribe sponsors last summer. She is awesome, and I love her tons! Also, how could I not post this? The photobombing is just too good.

Chieftain generation photo with out newest chiefy blue...BARRETT!

My little sis Chloe!

The old chieftains always take a photo with the newest chieftain, so we had a ton of fun with that! Everybody wears a piece of the chieftain outfit, which is one of the coolest things. I love that tradition!

And there we have it!


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