Wednesday, June 18, 2014

College Bound Canvases & Boots

Happy Hump Day, blogging world!

The orders have been coming in by the numbers, and I am so grateful. Summer is my favorite season for paintings and such because it is the time when I receive a surplus of orders for college bound individuals. This gives me a chance to learn more about other schools' traditions and even learn about new colleges that I never researched when I was applying. Last year I am pretty sure Arkansas took the cake for most orders, so I am looking forward to seeing who comes out on top this summer. So far, we have a tie for first!

LSU canvas for Kristen, and a soccer pattern for Sarah, who is going to school to play soccer. How exciting!

University of Oklahoma chevron canvas for these two roomies, Paige and Rachael.

These upcycled, refurbished books were custom painted with the colors of Cornell University. Because these babies were my first Cornell piece, I'm going to do a follow up post on them. How fun of an idea is that though? Turning an old pair of boots into your gameday boots? Yes, just yes.

That's all for now, but keep checking the blog and Instagram for new canvases and giveaways!

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