Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day Fun

Hi, y'all!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Father's Day- I know my family did. My dad and I got to go watch his alma mater, the Texas Tech Red Raiders, play their first ever game in the College World Series. If you're not a sports fan, just know that this is a huge deal. Also, you should rethink your life choices. 

On the Bkrafty side, I had a busy week completing these spirited coolers for some awesome dads. First up, we have a University of Texas cooler - right up my alley. 

I wanted to make sure there were some unique elements on this cooler. Having done a few Texas themed coolers in my day, I love making them unique and special so that whoever receives it knows that they have something truly special. Wendy, a Texas gal herself, collaborated ideas with me and sent me ideas for her husband's Father's Day cooler, which was really fun for me. I got a great sense of what to design, and I was really happy with the way it turned out.

Let's have a look!

On the front, we have the famous words from our old coach, Mack Brown: "Come early. Be loud. Stay late. Wear orange." I've been trying out this new font (not an official font, just one of my own) and am really loving the way it looks on coolers. The letters can be crunched and stretched to fit perfectly around whatever space, and I thought - what better to be in the middle than Bevo? I have to admit, this version of Bevo. Look how happy he looks!

Because the front and top have a lot of detail, I thought the sides should be sharp and clean, especially with "The Eyes of Texas" wrapping around the top of the cooler. 

And last but not least, the back. No Texas cooler is complete without the state of Texas or the Texas flag. That's my motto! 

Not only did I get to make a University of Texas themed cooler for Father's Day, but I also was asked to paint one for a dad who loves the Kansas City Chiefs. 

My favorite side of the cooler is definitely the front. I experimented with a lot of new fonts and styles, and the colors really popped against the red background. It's always fun to learn new traditions from different teams, and I researched a lot about the Chiefs and what some of their famous staples that should be incorporated in this spirited subway art styled side.

On the top, I painted the Chiefs logo with a butter yellow background. The arrowhead is outlined in black, then metallic gold around the black. The top is also complete with two red stripes to bring a little inspiration from the Chiefs' uniforms.

I loved the look of the metallic gold on the back and decided to use a spray paint to add an airbrush look. The gold wasn't getting enough love on the cooler yet, so I was really excited when I found a chrome finish metallic gold color that I could use. I thought it gave it an element of toughness (and coolness.)

Happy Father's Day!

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