Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Just a note

Hey everyone! So today I wanted to note on one thing specifically. Please do not send requests for me to paint works like prints or canvases on Pinterest or Etsy done by other artists. It is unfair to them, and it puts me in a very awkward position. Though I do love the pictures people have previously sent, they should be created by the original artist! It can be very discouraging to have your work copied, so instead of asking me to do it, I would love to support their creations by telling you this: If you see something you like on Pinterest that you just have to have, follow the link to the blog or site it comes from and talk to the artist there. It's the right thing to do! You can send me pictures as an example of a verse or color scheme, but I do not want to copy someone else's work. Thank you!

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