Friday, May 17, 2013

Sweet Summertime

lilly inspired canvas
WOW! Summer is here! Time for some weekend beach trips and snow cone dates! I'm so excited. I forced myself to take a break from blogging and painting so that I could focus on my finals and stuff, but now summer is here! I need to catch y'all up on some fun stuff.

 I saw NEEDTOBREATHE (all caps necessary because they were SO awesome) with my friend Kaitlin! I really wanted to see them last year because they were in town on my birthday, but I couldn't go. They were so fantastic, and Drew & Ellie Holcomb opened up for them. They are the cutest thing. Ellie has an amazing voice, and Kaitlin and I were both just in awe of how cute they were together. We eventually made our way to the front row for the concert, and got some great pictures! I even ran into one of my cousins!

ran into my cousin caroline!

My lovely friends from Italian class and I had to make a video for our last big project. It was so funny and awkward, and I am going to miss being in class with them so much next year! There are those really uncomfortable classes where no one talks to each other, but this was definitely not one of those classes. We became such great friends this semester! From struggling with Centro to suffering through some very uncomfortable Italian films to flat tires and fajita nights and so much more!! I love you all ragazze! Ciao!

bellloooo bello impossibileee
One of my best nights from the last two weeks was a formal I went to. It was a BLAST. We all had so much fun dancin' and stuff...although we were a bit bitter when the DJ refused to play Justin Bieber at the end. 

stank face
More random festivities: Cinco de Mayo!

sae cooking for kids!

austin stone on cinco de mayo!
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